AESP Green Energy is a Canadian based Clean Tech Company that developed off-grid hybrid (wind and solar) terminals to be used in outdoor lighting, surveillance and many more applications. After extensive market research, AESP Green Energy directed its development to focus on the more than two billion people around the world who live off-grid and who depend on the use of kerosene lanterns for lighting.

Initially AESP GE focused on the development of solar-powered energy services for the Sub-Saharan African market and has sought out local “in-country” partners to manage and operation its marquee service, the i-Kabin, .

Angaza makes it possible for over a billion people to access clean, reliable electricity for the first time. We redefine how energy products are purchased, financed, and monitored in emerging markets by enabling off-grid customers to pay for them in affordable amounts over time. Our manufacturing partners license our embedded Pay-As-You-Go technology for a variety of products including solar lanterns, solar home installations, and other appliances such as electronic clean cookstoves, micro-grid meters, and solar water pumps. Distributors use our software platform, the Energy Hub, to register customers, manage loans, and optimize their sales of Angaza-powered products throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Azuri Technologies is a commercial provider of PayGo solar home systems to rural off-grid communities. With the widest reach of any provider in sub Saharan Africa, Azuri is leveraging solar and mobile technology to allow users to access power on a pay-as-you-go basis, providing clean, safe renewable energy for as little as half the cost of the fossil fuels being replaced. Azuri is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with staff located across sub Saharan Africa.

“Barefoot Power is a business that assists people in developing countries to access affordable renewable energy. This will reduce poverty and create new markets.”
We believe that energy access is one of the key building blocks of economic development and the first step to alleviate energy poverty. To achieve this, we design, manufacture and distribute micro-solar lighting, phone charging and accessories like solar powered radios fans, DC TVs & refrigerators that have been designed to target communities in developing countries. Our mission is to help low income families break their dependence on inefficient, unreliable, expensive and harmful light sources by giving them cleaner and cheaper options.

BBOXX is committed to offering an on-grid experience in an off-grid world, powered through a unique financing model to sell solar systems to the mass market on a monthly payment plan. BBOXX leads and manages all aspects of its business operations – engineered from its lab in London, manufactured in China and distributed to partners in 35 countries and 30 local shops in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Since inception in 2010, BBOXX has sold over 48,000 systems, installed more than 1MW of solar technology and given electricity to more than 240,000 people.

BRIGHT Products is a Norwegian company on a mission to turn the world on through smart, simple and sustainable power solutions. Our vision is a world where people see new possibilities, and this vision is also deeply embedded in our product development strategy. The unique, multifunctional solar lamps from BRIGHT has won a total of 7 international awards for innovation, design, usability and environmental smartness.

BRIGHT is a main supplier of solar lamps to the UN, with over 200.000 units delivered to refugee camps and disaster relief across the world. BRIGHT is currently building distribution with commercial partners in Africa, Asia, EU and the US.

d.light is a global social enterprise delivering affordable, solar-powered solutions designed for the two billion people in the developing world without access to reliable energy. d.light provides distributed solar energy solutions for households and small businesses that are transforming the way people use and pay for energy. Through ten field offices and four international hubs, d.light has sold over ten million products in sixty-two countries, empowering 50 million lives. d.light is dedicated to providing the most reliable, affordable, and accessible solar lighting and power systems for the developing world, and aims to reach 100 million people by 2020.

DASOL is specialized in research, development, manufacturing and service of solar modules, solar lighting systems and solar power systems. With the leading professional R&D team and advanced manufacturing and testing facilities, DASOL has a concentration for off-grid electrification.

Quality is one of our key elements for continuous growth. All products are designed according to IEC/UL standard and manufactured in ISO9001 certified production lines.
We grow with our customers by offering superior quality and service worldwide.

Flexiway Solar Solutions aims to brighten up people’s lives and empower those who need it the most. To make this vision a reality, we are trailblazing a path to provide off-the-grid communities with the fit-for-purpose and cost-effective energy and lighting solutions needed for their ongoing development. We design all our products to improve productivity, alleviate poverty, enhance safety, and reduce crime and gender-based violence. In short, we help give people options.

Flexiway Solar Solutions is part of NRS International, the leading manufacturer of products for the humanitarian, public health and development sectors.

Freeplay designs smart power solutions for everyday and emergency use for people who have little or no access to grid power.

Over one million Freeplay radios and lights have served communities globally, including those in 40 developing countries. This has helped over 10 million people to break the poverty cycle by providing them with vehicles for information, education, and family and community living-standard enhancement.

Freeplay continually innovates and improves its technology. Their product range includes home lighting and charging kits, radios, street lighting, lanterns, flashlights and mobile charging devices.

Fujian Better New Energy Co., Ltd is dedicated to design, production and sales of solar products for 7 years. Its products cover solar lighting kit, solar home power system, solar street/garden light, etc. To achieve low-carbon life and to minimize environmental impact is its goal. To enable its global partners to achieve competitive advantage and success is its top priority.

Better New Energy will be your reliable partner in solar business and we sincerely invite you to a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Greenlight Planet Inc., founded in 2008, Greenlight is on a mission to transform the lives of hundreds of millions of off-grid households. The company has sold close to 4 million solar home energy solutions to date and employs 650 employees based in eleven offices across four countries.

Dedicated to both innovation and value, Greenlight Planet’s Sun King™ solar home solutions are widely recognized for their durable, high-quality design and affordability, ranging from $10 -$40 for portable lamps and $80 – $120 for home systems. Greenlight aims to replace inefficient, expensive fuel-based sources of light with innovative clean technology solutions in as many as 20 million homes by 2020.

H2Only Battery

The H2Only Battery is the only open – type rechargeable power generator/ battery in the world that is activated with water; or any liquid. It can last more than 50+ sets of 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries. On occasional use, it can last forever.

Pollution-free with no toxics or chemical , H2Only Battery is renewable, sustainable – 100% recyclable. The battery has even received the ‘CE’ mark for safety.

It holds an A1 Classification under the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for Patent No. WO 2013072708.

Now we are in process for financing so we can start with the manufacturing of H2Only Battery Flashlight and Lamps for Home Lighting , to make it available to millions of people around the world who are deprived of electricity in their homes.

INDIA IMPEX (SUNLITE) is a leading manufacturer of high quality, off-grid solar lighting solutions that is headquartered in India & has its own, in-house factory located in Surat (Gujarat).

Our products have a unique aesthetic appeal & have innovative features built-in that maximize user-friendliness.

We are also an approved vendor to some of the world’s largest aid & humanitarian agencies including the United Nations, in partnership with whom we have impacted the lives of more than 1 million people living at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid across 30+ countries.

Aid Innovation Award (Aidex) ; Innovation Award (UN South-South Cooperation)

JUA ENERGY is a rapidly growing company that design and manufacture solar-powered systems and cutting edge technological electronic accessories for consumers who are lack of access to electricity and technological products. It has a very strong and experienced team from the both energy and IC industries. The company was established in the late 2012 and quickly penetrates to 4 African countries where our products have been introduced to consumers with modern design and high quality.

JUA aims to “improving African people’s life by providing the high efficient renewable energy powered systems, technological products and services”.

Lighting Africa

Lighting Africa, a joint IFC/World Bank program, catalyzes commercial markets to deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy services to some 600 million people not connected to the grid in Sub-Saharan Africa. The program has already enabled over 35 million people in Africa to access clean, affordable and safer lighting. Our vision is to create a commercially sustainable industry and market that will reach 250 million more by 2030. Country Programs are operated by IFC in Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria. Initiatives by national governments, with World Bank assistance, are underway in Burkina Faso, DRC, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda.

Lighting Asia

Lighting Asia is an IFC market transformation program working to increase access to clean energy services in the rural areas of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The Lighting Asia program works with the private sector and development organizations to catalyze markets for modern, solar lighting products and systems.

Bangladesh aims to reach 2.3 million people, and avert emission on at least 76,000 tons of CO2 by 2017.

India aims to reach 3 million people, and avert emission of more than 90,000 tons of CO2 by 2016.

Pakistan aims to reach 1.5 million people, and avert 30,000 tons of CO2 by 2018.

Lighting Global

Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s (WBG) platform to support the development of commercial markets for modern energy services for the more than 1.2 billion people in the world without access to electricity.


  • Spur growth of markets for clean, affordable, modern energy services by collaborating with the GOGLA, the solar energy services industry, development partners and others across the supply chain.
  • Set the global industry standard for quality verification of off-grid solar devices and kits through the Lighting Global product quality assurance program.
  • Support a broad portfolio of country-based regional market development programs.

The Little Sun project was founded in 2012 by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen to affect significant global change in sustainable energy access – specifically, to get clean, affordable, solar light to the 1.1 billion people worldwide living without electricity in ‘off-grid’ areas. The project’s first product, the Little Sun solar LED lamp, is a personal, portable, easy-to-use light source so people in off-grid areas can light their nights safely, while fostering self-sustaining, local businesses at the same time. Little Sun is at once a solar lamp, a work of art, a social business, a global project, a way to connect the world through sharing light.

Mobisol is a leading German developer and provider of innovative, first class solar solutions, designed to power entire households and small businesses in emerging markets.

Mobisol delivers its technology and products through its affiliates in Tanzania, Rwanda and international partnerships. The Berlin-based company combines solar energy with mobile technology, microfinance and comprehensive customer service and is proud to serve a customer base of more than 30,000 households.

Having its product, software and service development integrated within the organization, Mobisol has optimal control and fast innovation circles of its product and service portfolio. The company’s pioneering approach to first class design and innovation enables its rapid scale at a yearly rate of 300%.


NIWA is industry leader in innovation and design of solar consumer products. We empower families and small businesses in more than 30 countries to grow step-bystep into energy independence. We are a German-Cantonese Hong Kong based company with more than 20 years experience in engineering, product design and mass production of consumer products.

Product Highlights:
MSS – the world’s first 100% Modular-Solar-Systems.
Multi 300 XL – the brightest solar lantern available – 300 Lumen.
Uno 50 – most affordable and brightest study light – 50 Lumen.
Power X3 – most affordable TV solar system.

Omnivoltaic Power Co. Ltd. (Omnivoltaic) is a specialist provider of Off-Grid Power products used by customers worldwide, especially for people who live in under- or un-electrified regions.

Omnivoltaic has a simple mission statement: develop products that would give people anywhere the access to electric power, to satisfy basic needs or for lifestyle choices.

Omnivoltaic has a unique set of characteristics that position it well to achieve the stated mission:

  • Founding members with broad experiences in technology, product development and international businesses;
  • In-depth understanding of technical fields related to off-grid power generation and efficient utilization;
  • Deep knowledge of China-based manufacturing and supplier resources;
  • Practical understanding of the target customer demographics;

Omnivoltaic is an international company incorporated in Hong Kong, and has operating offices in China and select markets.

Omnivoltaic has actively taken part in the Lighting Global Quality Assurance Program, with multiple products certified by Lighting Global, including two First Prize winners for the 2012 Outstanding Product Award (

Omnivoltaic is also a member of the GOGLA (Global Off-Grid Lighting Association), an independent industry advocate organization established to promote lighting solutions that benefit society and businesses in developing and emerging markets (

OPES Solutions Ltd. is an Off-Grid Solar Module Company, founded and operated by PV professionals from Germany, Taiwan, and China. OPES products are designed for rural electrification purposes including Pico system, SHS (solar home system), and PAYG (pay-as-you-go), range from 0.5Wp to 160Wp. We also provide customized modules for special applications based on the customer’s requirements–flexible modules, special connection, special frame, etc.. Our core competencies for realizing your solar ideas includes know-how in solar material science, expertise in module design and technology, quality oriented production, and proactive consultation and dedicated support.

ORB Energy

Orb Energy (“Orb”) is a leading provider of solar energy solutions. Orb’s main activities are product design, manufacturing, sales, installation and servicing of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for reliable power, solar thermal systems for hot water, and solar street lighting.

Orb launched in India in October 2006 and has built a nation-wide network of branches to support customers and ensure quality of delivery, installation, and after-sales service. Orb directly and indirectly employs more than 600 personnel and has installed more than 85,000 systems. In recognition of its unique retail approach to the solar market, Orb was a recipient of the Zayed Future Energy Prize in 2012. Orb exports its systems and components to other high potential emerging markets such as Kenya, where it established a subsidiary in 2014.


Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies and solutions for customers in residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates over 500 consolidated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.74 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2014. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company strives to create a better life and a better world for its customers.


At Philips Lighting, we observe and listen to people—our customers, consumers and stakeholders—to ensure that we address their real needs and aspirations in life. Together with architects, lighting designers, city planners, public authorities, and with consumers in their homes, we seek to create meaningful innovative products and solutions which simply enhance people’s lives with light.

We serve our customers through a market segment approach which encompasses Homes, Office and Outdoor, Industry, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Healthcare and Automotive. For these segments we provide a wide range of offerings from across the entire lighting value chain—from light sources, luminaires, lighting controls to lighting solutions and services.

We are truly focused on the people we serve. We want to offer a better, simpler experience for all the people we work with – architects, lighting designers, installers, mayors, CEOs and consumers to deliver meaningful lighting solutions that improve people’s lives.

Power for All

Power for All—whose founders include d.light, GOGLA, Greenlight Planet, Off-Grid Electric, Practical Action, the Sierra Club and Solar Aid—is a global campaign to advance renewable, decentralized solutions as the fastest, most cost-effective and sustainable approach to universal energy access. Join the campaign!

RREL with “Rahimafrooz Solar” brand is a leading South Asia based SHS integrator and installer with over 500,000 customer based in Bangladesh and growing every month. RREL is a key player in the largest Pay to Own rural solar home systems (SHS) roll out in over 3.5 million homes in Bangladesh. The company employs over 4000 people with extensive rural service and selling network for access to energy using SMART phone ERP and mobile wallet based system. The company also planning to release next generation SMART SHS with remote monitoring and control.

Solarway is a leading manufacturer of premium quality solar powered lighting and mobile phone charging products, which provide affordable lighting and communication solutions to millions of people living without electricity or with limited access to electricity.

We specialize in renewable energy solutions that can enhance and change people’s lives. Our aim is to confront the challenges of lack of power for communication and lighting with well designed, reliable and affordable solar powered products.

Solarway have a wide range of reliable and well-designed products, which are available worldwide and at an affordable price. Our development teams design, create and engineer solar powered products and come up with innovative solutions that can perform in the most extreme conditions bringing the ability to have light at night and to power communication so necessary for developing economies.

Solarway is headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. and have branch offices in UK, China, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Solarway products are also available through authorized business partners in various other countries.


The SolarWorks! mission is to provide our customers with the best products (at the right price) to use the power of the sun to provide a source of light, and charge their devices so our customers can stay connected.

Our products (the power ball, the roof light and the home system) enhance the space our clients live in. They are smart and designed to work even when the sun is not shining as they can be connected to the grid or other alternative power sources, so they never run out of power.

Welcome to the brave new world of solar!

SSG, a leading electrical and electronic conglomerate in Bangladesh, has been operating since 1994. SSG Solar (Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd.), an enterprise of SSG with a vision to brighten up the lives of off-grid area people, has been manufacturing and marketing various kinds of solar products and solutions under the brand name “Super Star Solar”. Its products are certified by international and local bodies like IDCOL, BSTI, BUET etc. As recognition, its LED bulb and tube won Global Leap Awards in 2014.  SSG solar is the pioneer for solar off-grid accessories business through nationwide distribution networks in Bangladesh.


SunGrid Photovoltaic is manufacturer of a brand new very unique solar panel for Solar Home Systems. The product is called “Solar Roofing Sheet”, it is designed for installation on corrugated roofs.

This very unique design needs no sub construction! You can nail it down like a corrugated roofing sheet. You need just a hammer. There is no installer necessary a DIY product.

The product is available as a 50 watt kit and a 30 watt kit. The kit contains: all mounting materials, cables, charge controller, screw driver and an installation manual as well as an solar guideline which helps to run it very efficient and for long lifetime. Car or Solar Battery + loads have to be bought locally.

This kind of solar panel is brand new and is for the first time at an exhibition, come to our booth F5 and check it.

Sunna Design

Sunna designs and manufactures in France a complete range innovative solar streetlights. Sunna brings public lighting everywhere, including in off grid areas,  without any electricity bill.

Access to public lighting allows increased security, social and economic activities even in most remote areas. Nowadays a lot of low cost Asian products fail to deliver their lighting service and cease functioning very fast because their batteries are not heat resistant. With the CEA, the reference public French lab, Sunna has developed the only solar streetlights requiring no technical maintenance for over 10 years. They use Nickel based batteries, extremely resistant to high temperatures, and a smart energy management system, allowing an all-night service with no black out. Thanks to a very performant light output and custom lighting studies allowing to shape the service to the precise need, Sunna’s lighting service is the most affordable on the market.
Nowadays Sunna works mainly with Africa where over 3000 streetlights have been installed in over 20 countries.

Energy drives progress where it is readily available. In building a responsible energy future, we must ensure that each individual has access to energy and that energy is used in the most efficient way possible.

This is the environment in which we conduct our business. With operations in more than 130 countries, we are a leading international oil and gas company. We produce, refine and market oil, manufacture petrochemicals. We are also a major player in natural gas and rank second in solar energy through our affiliate SunPower. We are committed to better energy: this is our mission. Our 100,000 employees help supply our customers around the world with safer, cleaner, more efficient and more innovative products that are accessible to as many people as possible. We work alongside our stakeholders to ensure that our operations consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

True Solar USA, incorporated in United States is a well-respected solar energy products supplier green energy solutions provider. We are one of the leading innovative suppliers of off-grid solar energy products, supporting rural communities.

Our state-of-the-art solar energy solutions offer mobility and enable every household on this planet by transforming the way we use energy.

True Solar energy products include solar powered battery banks, solar powered light, solar products equipped with multi-media capabilities and solar powered mobile shop housed with communications equipment.

Zimpertec is specialized in Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems, Solar Home System Kit Solutions, Rural Electrification, LED-Lighting, Prepayment Systems, Solar Charge Controller Technology. 25 years of experience in renewable energy systems design and production.