Ognen Stojanovski

Research Scholar Stanford University – Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (PESD)

Ognen Stojanovski leads PESD’s research platform on low-income energy services, which studies the kinds of economic and institutional arrangements that can allow delivery of modern energy services to the poor at scale and in a durable way (as opposed to whether a specific energy technology can be made to work on a one-off basis). His research focuses on measuring and quantifying the economic and social welfare impacts of solar PV products in developing countries, as well as identifying innovations in the off-grid solar industry that can improve business performance and maximize customer benefits. Stojanovski is leading several randomized controlled trials in the African solar PV space, including on the economic effects of “energy kiosks,” the educational impacts of solar lanterns, and the business and end-user impacts of improved customer support for solar home systems.
Stojanovski’s background is in law and engineering; he holds degrees from Stanford (J.D., 2007 – with distinction) and the University of California – Berkeley (M.S., 2004; B.S., 2002 – highest honors).