Areef Kassam

Director of the M4D Utilities programme at the GSMA

Areef is the Director of the M4D Utilities programme at the GSMA.  In this role, Areef is responsible for management of the programme team, located in London, Middle East, Africa and Asia, and the overall delivery and development of the programme objectives.

The aim if the M4D Utilities programme is to support the mobile industry in its distinctive position to help solve the challenges of commercially extending access to energy and water services in emerging markets by leveraging the mobile network technology and infrastructure.

Areef has worked with the GSMA since 2009 and was previously also the Director of the Green Power for Mobile programme.  Prior to working with the GSMA, Areef worked at Roshan, focused on procurement, supply chain and network planning.

Areef has a BSc in Engineering from the University of Alberta and an MBA from London Business School.