Asad Mahmood

Vice President, Social Enterprise and Financial Innovation at FINCA International

Asad is responsible for development of FINCA’s businesses in the social enterprise sector specially focused on the energy sector. He is also charged to innovate how FINCA’s finance it clients for social product and itself. Prior to joining FINCA was a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank overseeing a 0.8 billion dollar loan and investment portfolio which seeks both financial and social returns. He is also responsible for Deutsche Bank’s microfinance / social investment efforts globally which comprise more than 100 relationships in 42 countries. Mr. Mahmood has been a leading advocate for a balanced and customer-centric approach towards social businesses. He has created a dozen cutting-edge funds in the social finance arena in the areas of microfinance, affordable housing, social enterprise and healthcare.

Mr. Mahmood was the founding Board member of the Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) and served on the Advisory Council for Social Investments for the World Economic Forum. He is a member of the steering committee for the Smart Campaign which promotes Client Protection Principles as well as being on the steering committee of Truelift. Mr. Mahmood is also the founder of the Microfinance Club of New York, which brings microfinance leaders to present their work and hold discussions on salient issues. The Club is also active in Paris, Frankfurt and London. He holds a Civil Engineering degree from Rutgers University and an MBA in International Finance from Temple University.