Prof. Peter Adelmann

Co-Chair in technical working group of GOGLA
  • Since 1983 active in PV
  • 1988 (ongoing) lecturer and Professor at “University of Applied Science Ulm”
  • Guest Professor in various Asian and African Universities
  • 1990-2000 Manager and GM of Steca. Founder of Steca solar department
  • 2000-2008 Founder and CEO of Phocos AG
  • 2005 (ongoing) Member of IEC norming committee (WG3 – solar components)
  • 2008 (ongoing) Senior Consultant of GIZ, Worldbank, UN and other donors
  • 2010 Senior Advisor “Off grid Solar Systems” in SERIS
  • 2011 Founder and Senior Advisor of fosera GmbH & CoKGaA
  • 2012 Founding director and CEO of the Institute for Decentralized Electrification,
    Education and Entrepreneurship (id-eee)
  • 2014 Founder and Chair Board Director of BOS AG
  • 2015 Co-Chair in technical working group of GOGLA