UN Foundation – UN Foundation Energy Access Practitioner Network – Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) – GOGLA

Thursday 29th October, 09:00 – 10:30 and 11:00 – 12:30 (Conference Room – Sheikh Maktoum C)

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Hosted by the UN Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network, and in cooperation with GOGLA, this side event aims to showcase the relevance of high quality decentralised energy solutions for lighting in responding to crises involving refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and those affected by natural disasters, and discuss best practices as exemplified by members of the Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) consortium.

Access to energy is a crucial need in humanitarian settings. Electricity for lighting, communicating and powering essential equipment in refugee camps can improvsafety and living conditions  refugees can safely access toilets and move around the camp, children can study in the evenings, health centres can refrigerate and store crucial medication and vaccines, and computer centres can be set up so that
refugees can communicate and build on their employable skills
The speakers in this side event will highlight the role sustainable decentralised energy solutions can play in humanitarian settings. They will discuss quality approaches, share lessons learned and best practices for settings where the local market may be disrupted or indefinitely suspended, and aidbased approaches are therefore needed, at least in the short term. The event will cover the key themes of user needs & innovation; standards & processes including quality assurance and procurement considerations; and local market development for longterm camp settings, with case studies where applicable to provide ontheground examples for best practices.