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Financing Session: Tuesday 27th October, 14:10 – 15.40: Conference Room – Sheikh Maktoum C


Financing Growth:  How to access and use debt to grow energy access businesses


When and how can growing energy access companies access debt  

  • Lender/Investor perspectives – What do lenders and investors look for in lending to energy access businesses: what stage of growth, financial condition, strength of management, sales and profitability? What kinds of loans/debt instruments are available and who is lending/investing?  Is borrowing possible before a company achieves breakeven and, if so, are only certain kinds of borrowing available?  What should companies be doing to position themselves to access debt as quickly as possible?
  • Company/borrower perspective – What is your experience borrowing (or trying to borrow)?  How would you recommend securing debt?  What things would you do to be attractive to lenders and investors?  What are lenders and investors doing wrong in looking at energy access businesses?

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