Sustainability Session: Tuesday 27th October, 14:10 – 15.40: Conference Room – Dubai C

Social Impact Data: State of Knowledge and Opportunities for Action


The session aims to present what is known in 2015 about the social impact of pico-pv on Base of the Pyramid households. The current state of knowledge as well as identified data gaps will be presented in a presentation. Building on this presentation, a panel discussion will further elaborate on how to turn available data into knowledge. The panel will also assess which data is missing so as to generate the necessary knowledge that prompts investors and policy makers to act.  

Panel Members

  • Kat Harrison, (Moderator), Solar Aid
  • Maurits Groen, WakaWaka
  • Ognen Stojanovski, Stanford University
  • Mary Roach, Centiarth
  • Steven Hunt, DFID
  • Nana Nuamoah Asamoah-Manu, World Bank Lighting Africa