Business Services Session: Wednesday 28th October, 09:00 – 10:30: Conference Room – Sheikh Maktoum B

“Pay-as-you-go”: the best way to reach all unconnected people? What are the models, and what are the opportunities they bring?


This session will seek to answer a number of key questions.

What role will PAYGo playing in the market over the next 5 years? Will it open the door to full energy services for the poorest of the poor? Will it spin off into multiple financial, energy services and other services? Will PAYGo merge with or be owned by the telecoms industry? What portion of the market will be dominated by PAYGo?  Will it be owned by consolidated companies globally or country-market-focused companies?

The session will also examine the distinct models that exist and assess the following;

  • The models that are being deployed and the sticking points, issues and potential of each.
  • Will a single information/tracking/billing platform emerge to support various companies in the sector?
  • What are the off-shoot business opportunities created from PAYGO (for example, information sales, cross-selling, partnerships with other consumer product/service providers)

The sessions will incorporate a roundtable discussion fuelled by facilitated questions, including;

  • Pros & cons and limiting factors of discrete models – utility, pay to own.
  • Why is there a proliferation of platforms being deployed? Will a meta platform developer and service provider emerge to support multiple PAYGo companies or will the companies continue to develop their own proprietary technology?

Panel Members