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Financing Session: Wednesday 28th October, 09:00 – 10:30: Conference Room – Sheikh Maktoum C


Getting your business funded – equity needs and solutions


This session will examine equity sources and the role of other instruments in facilitating access to finance for start up and evolving businesses. Key questions will include; When is debt not the solution? When is equity appropriate? What do equity investors look like and what do they look for? What are the other alternatives?

The session will also include an assessment of the different investor types at varying stages of company and industry development.

The session will include an investor perspective (behind the veil). This will give participants an idea of what it looks like when your balance sheet and business plan goes through the ringer of an equity investor.

Come to this session to uncover the culture of private equity, to understand what their business is all about and to understand what the constraining characteristics of the financial/investor sector are.

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