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Financing Session: Wednesday 28th October, 14:00 – 15:30: Conference Room – Sheikh Maktoum C


How to make direct sales of off-grid energy products affordable? The role of consumer and retailer financing 


This session will explore the role of MFIs and other financiers who support consumers and (small) retailers. A number of key questions will be addressed, including;

  • What is their business? How does it work? What can they do and what do they not do? Can it scale
  • Relevance for consumer finance or supply chain finance or both?
  • What type of products fit?
  • Are MFIs appropriate distribution partners?

Panel Members

  • Asad Mahmood, (Moderator), Finca
  • Andreas Spiess, SolarKiosk
  • Gaurav Mehta, Dharma Life
  • Emma Schofield, PWC & SolarNow
  • Sam Grant, Equitybank – Kenya
  • Dr. Harald Schützeichel, Stiftung Solarenergie & SunTransfer