Eng. Matthew Matimbwi

Executive Secretary of Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA)

Eng. Matthew Matimbwi is the graduate of University of Flensburg, M.Sc. ARTES of the year 2000. He is the Executive Secretary of Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA), the non-state non-profit making Tanzania umbrella renewable energy NGO.
Eng. Matimbwi is leading Tanzania private sector initiatives in enabling access to sustainable modern energy through the use of renewable energy technologies. He has been managing the activities of:
 Capacity building
 Advocacy and lobby of enabling policies, regulations and acts
 Renewable energy stakeholders networking
 Information collection and sharing
 Awareness raising
 Protection of renewable energy sectors and end users
 Research and innovation
 Planning and development of renewable energy systems
 Provision of advisory service

The current achievements are advocacy on the retention of Value Added Tax exemptions on solar energy and establishment of REFIT on mini hydro and biomass, and tendering of solar and wind energy.