Daphne Pit

Team manager Green and Inclusive Economy, Stichting DOEN, (the DOEN Foundation)

As team manager of the DOEN Foundation, Daphne has profound insight in the world of impact investing. Her background is in Business Administration (Nyenrode University) and General Management (EM Lyon). Daphne’s career started in the financial sector, when working for ING Bank, but she moved to the energy supply sector early 2000 where she worked on both the conventional side as well as the renewable side of this sector. Daphne has solely worked on sustainability for over the past 10 years. As she worked both in corporate settings, eg as part of DSM’s global sustainability team, and in impact driven environments, she understands the multiple angles, opportunities and challenges of sustainability as a business driver. At the DOEN Foundation, she is driven by working to achieve a green, socially inclusive and creative society, by supporting committed entrepreneurs, eager to develop sustainable and innovative initiatives.