Samy Ben-Jaafar

Senior Director, Private Sector Facility, Green Climate Fund

Samy is the Senior Director of Private Sector Facility at the GCF. The Facility invests in private sector entities and projects that address climate change.

The Private Sector is increasingly affected by Climate Change, through loss of assets and disrupted supply chains. Climate Change can now have a material adverse impact on corporate risk ratings. Also, the Private Sector is the primary owner and supplier of technology and equipment in alternative energy, climate sensitive transportation and agriculture, and green buildings.

Samy has 17 years of corporate and investment banking experience. Prior to joining the Fund, Samy worked for ADIB, a top tier Regional Bank in the Middle East. He last served as Head of Strategy & Chief of Staff to the Group CEO. He also served as Head of Financial Institutions & International Wholesale Banking, responsible for that business’ turnaround immediately following the 2009 financial crisis.

Prior to ADIB, Samy was Executive Director at Noor Islamic Bank (UAE). He was responsible for launching and managing Treasury, Capital Markets and Investments. He also spent 10 years working for Citigroup’s Corporate & Investment Banking Division in New York; North & West Africa; and Europe. Positions held include Investment Finance Director and Country Corporate Bank Head.

Samy initiated Citibank Senegal’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, and was a member of ADIB’s Charity Committee. He holds an MBA from SFU.