Gary Bernhardt

Founder and CEO, Sola Home Appliances

Since 1983 I have designed and manufactured a broad range of consumer and specialist electronics in China for multinationals including General Electric and Philips. In 2008 I began developing small, solar power and appliance solutions for off-grid markets, including a Pay As You Go system.

In 2013 I founded Sola Home Appliances to focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of energy efficient DC powered appliances, including television sets, set top boxes, fans, and refrigeration. In 2014 Sola Home Appliances was the recipient of two Global LEAP awards for off-grid TV design.

In the last two years Sola Home Appliances has played a proactive role in the maturation of off-grid markets with regard to better understanding of HSH providers end-user requirements. Via closer communication with SHS providers, policy makers, and standards formulators, we are starting to see the evolution of better defined product specifications and standards for “equipment”, and the components compatibility thereof.