Mary Roach

The Energy Access lead at Ceniarth

Mary Roach is the Energy Access lead at Ceniarth, a single-family investment office and foundation. Ceniarth deploys a mix of investment and philanthropic capital to accelerate the deployment of products and services that directly impact underserved communities, particularly in Energy Access and Agriculture. Mary joins Ceniarth from the GSMA, where she was responsible for M4D Utilities Innovation Fund supporting organizations across developing Africa and Asia leveraging mobile technology to improve access to energy, water and sanitation. Prior to joining the GSMA in 2011, she spent two years working on rural energy solutions in Ghana and Kenya, including the first pilot of M-KOPAs pay-as-you-go solution. Mary’s interest in the role that energy can play in development emerged from the combined experiences of her 5 years working with GE Power Generation in project and operations management and decade of involvement with Engineers without Borders Canada at home and abroad. She holds an MBA from Oxford University and a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from McGill University.